Gabriela Badea

Gabriela Badea

Dissertation Title

Allegories of Selfhood in Late Medieval Devotion.

Research Interests

French medieval literature, allegory, hermeneutics, intertextuality, medieval and early modern literary quarrels, devotional literature, late medieval spirituality and mysticism, self-formation

Courses Taught

Introduction to Literary Studies I (FREN UN3333)

Intermediate French II (FREN S1202)

Intermediate French II (FREN UN1202)

Intermediate French I (FREN UN1201)

Elementary French II (FREN UN1102)

Elementary French I (FREN UN1101)

Intermediate Conversation French II (FREN UN1222)

Previous Degrees

M.A. in Medieval Literature (CESCM, Poitiers), B.A in Foreign Languages (University of Bucharest).