Celia Abele

Celia Abele

Dissertation/Thesis Title

Fictions of knowledge collection: From Diderot to Sebald (working title)

Research Interests 

History of the European novel, 18th to 20th century; encyclopedism and the organization of knowledge in the Enlightenment; the modernist novel, especially Woolf, Proust, and Joyce; 18th-century literature and intellectual history; knowledge in the novel; German reception of the Enlightenment in the 20th century; Germanophone modernism; W. G. Sebald.

Courses Taught

Introduction to Literary Studies II (FREN UN3334)

Rapid Reading and Translation (FREN UN1206)

Intermediate French II (FREN UN2102)

Intermediate French I (FREN UN2101)

Elementary French I (FREN UN1101)

Previous Degrees
BA, Philosophy and English Literature, Trinity College, Dublin, 2010; Master 2, Littératures comparées, Université Paris-Sorbonne (Paris IV), 2012; MA, French and Comparative Literature, Columbia, 2015; MPhil, French and Comparative Literature, Columbia, 2016.