Undergraduate Program, undergraduate studies

The Department offers two undergraduate majors and two concentrations: in French Language and Literature, and in French and Francophone Studies.

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Our Programs

French Language and Literature

The undergraduate major and concentration in French Language and Literature are intended to give students an in-depth familiarity with the language, culture, literature of France, and the French-speaking world. They provide an opportunity to continue the study of the literary and cultural issues first discussed in the two principal Core courses, Literature Humanities and Contemporary Civilization, with a greater attention to historical context and textual detail since most works are read and discussed in the original French.

French and Francophone Studies

The major and concentration in French and Francophone studies provide an interdisciplinary framework for the study of the history, literature, and culture of France and parts of the world in which French is an important medium of culture. Students explore the history and contemporary applications of concepts such as citizenship, national unity, secularism, and human rights, and explore central issues including universalism/relativism, tradition/modernity, and religion/state as they have developed in France and its colonies/former colonies since the 17th century.