Major in French and Francophone Studies


The program of study is to be discussed regularly with the Director of Undergraduate Studies, starting in the spring semester of the sophomore year.

Courses: a minimum of 30 points beyond completion of the language requirement (FREN UN1202) distributed as follows:

Core (12 points)

FREN UN3405 Advanced Grammar and composition

FREN UN3409 Introduction to French and Francophone History

FREN UN3410 Introduction to French and Francophone Literature

FREN UN3995 Senior Seminar

Electives (18 points, or 15 points in case of a senior thesis)

Six electives in French or francophone literature and culture at the 3000 or 4000 level of which one covers the period before 1800 and of which a maximum of two are “French Through X” classes (32XX). Though students should prioritize classes taught in the Department of French, courses with significant coverage of the French and francophone world in other departments (e.g., History UN2353 “Early Modern France”) may be counted with DUS approval.

Some French Barnard College courses may be taken with the approval of the director of undergraduate studies.

Senior Essay (3 points)

The Senior Essay offers students an opportunity to immerse themselves in a research project and to hone their research and writing skills. It substitutes for an elective and makes the student eligible for departmental honors. The essay (25 pages minimum, in French) is usually written under the direction of a tenured or tenure-faculty faculty member (assistant professor, associate professor, or professor). Occasionally, with the permission of the DUS, the essay may be written under the direction of a lecturer. The choice of the adviser should be discussed with the DUS before the student contacts them. Although the Senior Essay is a year-long project, majors who choose to write one should register only in the spring for the Senior Tutorial in Literature (UN 3996). They should still take the Senior Seminar (UN 3995) in the fall. The Senior Essay is a requirement if the student wishes to be considered for departmental honors.