Major in French and Francophone Studies


The program of study is to be discussed regularly with the Director of Undergraduate Studies, starting in the spring semester of the sophomore year.

Courses: a minimum of 33 points beyond completion of the language requirement (FREN UN1202) distributed as follows:

Core (15 points)

FREN UN3405 Third-Year Grammar and composition

FREN UN3420 Introduction to French and Francophone Studies I

FREN UN3421 Introduction to French and Francophone Studies II

FREN UN3995 Senior Seminar

One Course on francophone literature/culture

Interdisciplinary Electives (18 points, or 15 points in case of a senior thesis)

Three courses in a discipline other than French literature

Three electives in French literature/culture

Only one of the following advanced language classes can be counted as an elective: French for Diplomats, French Culture, Language and Society through…., Advanced Translation Workshop and The Cultural Workshop.

Some French Barnard College courses may be taken with the approval of the director of undergraduate studies.

Senior Essay (3 points)

The Senior Essay substitutes for an elective and makes eligible for departmental honors. The essay (25 pages, in French) is written under the direction of a faculty member affiliated with the French and Francophone Studies committee or teaching at Reid Hall. The choice of the adviser should be discussed with the DUS before contacting him or her. Majors who choose to write a senior essay at Columbia should register for the Senior Tutorial in Literature. The senior essay is a requirement to be eligible for departmental honors.