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The Department has an outstanding placement record, with graduates securing excellent jobs, both inside and outside of academia. 

Sophia Mo, PhD
Assistant Professor (tenure track), University of Kansas
Dissertation title: Maneuvering at the Margins: Women’s Emancipation, the Global Anticolonial Struggle, and the Revolutionary Periodical in Algeria

David Haziza, PhD
Lecturer, New York University
Dissertation title: Witches, Jews, and redemption through sin in Jules Michelet's La Sorcière

Katherine Raichlen, PhD
Lecturer in French, Columbia University
Dissertation title: Historicizing Identities: Family Stories and Twentieth-Century Jewish Migration in Francophone Literature and Film

Caio Moraes Ferreira, PhD
Core Lecturer, Columbia University
Dissertation title: Beyond the plausible: On the relationship between history, tragedy and epic poetry in Corneille, Voltaire and Schiller

Celia Abele, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow, Princeton Society of Fellows
Dissertation Title: Collecting Knowledge, Writing the World: An Enlightenment Project

William Burton, PhD
Assistant Professor (tenure track), University of California-Berkeley
Dissertation title: On the origin and end of sex: Social construction from Monique Wittig to Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Raphaëlle Burns, PhD
Assistant Professor (tenure track), UCLA
Dissertation Title: The stories we tell: Novellas, news, and the uses of casuistry in early modern Europe

Kalinka Courtois, PhD
Political and Legal Assistant, French Mission to the UN
Dissertation title: "Groupe d' Informaiton sur les Prisons": French intellectuals and activism post May '68

Tommaso Manfredini, PhD
Visiting Assistant Professor, Wesleyan University
Dissertation Title: The Multilingual Grammar of Illegalization: Law, Aesthetics, and Translation in the Central Mediterranean

Adham B. Azab, PhD
Operations Project Associate, D.E. Shaw Group
Dissertation Title: Cum dicit auctoritas: Quotational practice in two bilingual treatises on love by Gérard of Liège

Rose Gardner, PhD
French Teacher, Department of Modern Languages, The Brearley School
Dissertation Title: The politics of repentance in sixteenth-century France (1572-1610)

Max McGuinness, PhD
Teaching Assistant in French, University of Limerick
Dissertation Title: Modernism and Mass Press from Mallarmé to Proust

Blase A. Provitola, PhD
Assistant Professor (tenure track), Trinity College
Dissertation Title: Sex, Race, and the Epistemology of Desire in the Literature and Culture of Contemporary France

Matthew Trumbo-Tual, PhD
Dissertation title: Proust and speech
Lecturer, University of Virginia

Gabriela Badea, PhD
Lecturer, Columbia University
Dissertation Title: Allegories of Selfhood in Late Medieval Devotional Literature

Anaïs Maurer, PhD
Assistant Professor, Colby College
Dissertation Title: Under the Nuclear Sun: Ecocritical Literature and Antinuclear Struggle in the Pacific

Elizabeth Marcus, PhD
Mellon Post-Doctoral Fellow in the Humanities, Stanford University
Dissertation Title: Difference and Dissidence: French, Arabic and Cultural Conflict, 1943-1975

Yohann Ripert, PhD
Assistant Professor (tenure track), Stetson University
Dissertation Title: Rethinking Négritude: Aimé Césaire and Léopold Sédar Senghor and the Imagination of a Global Postcoloniality

Laure Astourian, PhD
Assistant Professor (tenure track), Bentley University
Dissertation Title: Outside the Metropolitan Frame: The Nouvelle Vague and the Foreign, 1954-1968
Jacqueline Lerescu, PhD
Assistant Director of Recognition Programs, Office of Alumni and Development, Columbia University
Dissertation Title: Writing Against the Reader: Poetry and Readership in France, 1840-1880
Johanna Magin, PhD
Deputy Head, Euro-American Program, Sciences Po Reims, France
Dissertation Title: Bodies of Wisdom: Philosophy as Medicine in Montaigne and Pascal
Ana Oancea
, PhD
Assistant Professor (tenure track), University of Delaware
Dissertation Title: The Fate of Invention in Late 19th-Century Literature
Rebecca Sopchik, PhD
Head of Finance and Administration, United Nations | Sustainable Development Solutions Network, Paris, France
Dissertation Title: The Radicalization of Discourse during the French Revolution
Alex Virastau, PhD
Assistant Professor (tenure track), Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan, Poland
Dissertation Title: The Invention of Memoirs in Renaissance France

Roderick Cooke, PhD
Assistant Professor (tenure track), Villanova University
Dissertation Title:  Aesthetics and Politics in the Dreyfus Affair 
Séverine Martin, PhD
Resident Director, Columbia University Undergraduate Programs in Paris
Dissertation Title: Out of the Néant into the Everyday: A Rediscovery of Mallarmé’s Poetics 
Eric Matheis, PhD
Lecturer, Columbia University
Dissertation Title: Capital, Value, and Exchange in the Old Occitan and Old French Tenson (including the Partimen and the Jeu-parti) 
Alexandra Perisic, PhD
Assistant Professor (tenure track), University of Miami
Dissertation Title: Contesting Globalization: Ethics, Politics, and Aesthetics in the Atlantic World Economy 
Erin Twohig, PhD
Assistant Professor (tenure track), Georgetown University
Dissertation Title: The Contentious Classroom: Education in Postcolonial Literature from Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia 
Jason Earle, PhD
Assistant Professor (tenure track), Sarah Lawrence College
Dissertation Title: Conspiracies and Secret Societies in Interwar French Literature 
Casiana Ionita, PhD
Editor, Penguin Press, United Kingdom
Dissertation Title: The Educated Spectator: Cinema and Pedagogy in France, 1909-1930 
Benjamin Young, PhD
ACLS Public Fellow/Content Development Analyst, JSTOR, New York
Dissertation Title: Eloquence and Music: The “Querelle des Bouffons” in Rhetorical Context 

Annelle Curulla, PhD
Assistant Professor (tenure track), Williams College
Dissertation Title: Forms of Enclosure: the Convent Plays of the French Revolution

Kirsten Ellicson, PhD
Language Consultant, Paris
Dissertation Title: Collecting as Self-Exploration in Late Nineteenth-Century French Literature 
Mehammed Mack, PhD
Assistant Professor (tenure track), Smith College
Dissertation Title: Immigration and Sexual Citizenship: Gender, Sexuality, and Ethnicity in Contemporary France


Matthew Bridge, PhD, JD '13
Assistant Counsel, Special Federal Litigation, Law Department, New York City
Dissertation Title:  A Monster for our Times: Reading Sade across the Centuries            

Mallika Lecoeur, PhD
Program Coordinator, Columbia Global Center, Paris
Dissertation Title: Conversation and Performance in Seventeenth-Century French Salon Culture 
Sarah-Louise Raillard, PhD
Free-Lance Translator
Dissertation Title: Perilous Pedagogies: Female Education Questioned in the Epistolary Novels of Rousseau, Laclos, Sade, and Charrière  


Olivia Harrison, PhD
Assistant Professor (tenure track), University of Southern California
Dissertation Title: Cross-Colonial Poetics: Reading Palestine in Maghrebi Literature         

Toby Wikström, PhD
Assistant Professor (tenure track), Tulane University
Dissertation Title: Law, Conquest, and Slavery on the French Stage, 1598-1685


Daisy Aaronian, PhD
Instructor, Lesley University
Dissertation Title: Simon Goulart and the Calvinist Edition of Montaigne’s Essays (1595)
Anne-Catherine Dutoit, PhD
Assistant Professor (tenure track), Arizona State University
Dissertation Title: Poetic Propaganda: Aesthetics and Politics in Céline’s Bagatelles pour un Massacre


Max Kramer, PhD
Assistant Professor (tenure track), Baruch College, City University of New York
Dissertation Title: The Poetry of Inversion: Queer Metaphor in Arthur Rimbaud, Stefan George, and Federico García Lorca 
Noura Wedell, PhD
Translator, Editor, Semiotext(e), Adjunct Faculty, Roski School of Art and Design, University of Southern California
Dissertation Title: Blinking Space: André du Bouchet’s Ecopoiesis 
Andrea Thomas, PhD
Assistant Professor (tenure track), Loyola University Maryland
Dissertation Title: Lautréamont and the Poetics of Posterity