Upcoming Events at the Maison Française


Camille Robcis provided the Washington Post with Op-Ed: Why an IVF bill is the next fault line for the French republic.

Contributing to the New York History of Science Lecture Series, Camille Robcis presented Disalienation: Politics, Philosophy, and Radical Psychiatry in France. This talk explored the intersections of politics, philosophy, and radical psychiatry in 20th century France.

The Atlantic cites Camille Robcis, author of The Law of Kinship: Anthropology, Psychoanalysis, and the Family in France in the article Why IVF Has Divided France.

Joanna Stalnaker gave the opening Lit Hum lecture to the class of 2023 at Lerner Hall. This year, instead of the traditional focus on the first six books of the Iliad, she spoke about essays by Toni Morrison and Virginia Woolf, encouraging students to think critically about the Western literary canon and the exclusions and silences it perpetuates.

She also hosted Emily Wilson, translator of a bold new version of the Odyssey and recipient of a MacArthur grant, for a Lit Hum course-wide lecture at Miller Theater. The event was attended by nearly six hundred people, including students, faculty and alumni.

Professor Stalnaker spoke about the relevance of Lit Hum to today’s world at the launch of the Core Centennial at Low Library.  

Madeleine Dobie received a grant from the Center for Spatial Research to develop a hybrid course on spatial imaginaries and arts spaces in Algeria and an award from the Humanities War and Peace Initiative for her project After the Arab Spring: Conflict and Culture in the Maghreb.


Recent Publications

book jacket: En quête d'Afrique(s) : Universalisme et pensée décoloniale
En quête d'Afrique(s) : Universalisme et pensée décoloniale

En quête d'Afrique(s), Souleymane Bachir Diagne & Jean-Loup Amselle. Anthony Mangeon (Préfacier); Albin Michel (Editeur). 

Open to Reason book jacket

Souleymane Bachir Diagne’s OPEN to REASON examines the long history of philosophy in the Islamic world and its relevance to crucial issues of our own time.

Une histoire de la guerre book jacket

Thomas Dodman's Une Histoire de la guerre, published with the Editions du Seuil, is a global history of war in all its facets from the nineteenth century to the present. 

What Nostalgia Was book jacket

Thomas Dodman's, What Nostalgia Was, tells the story of how people used to die of nostalgia, or a severe form of homesickness, in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.