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Current volume: 111.1 - Category Crossings: Bruno Latour and Medieval Modes of Existence

The Romanic Review is a journal devoted to the study of Romance literatures. Founded by Henry Alfred Todd in 1910, it is published by the Department of French and Romance Philology of Columbia University in cooperation with the Departments of Latin American and Iberian Cultures and Italian. The journal is published three times a year and balances special thematic issues and regular unsolicited issues. It covers all periods of French, Italian and Ibero-romance languages literature, and welcomes a broad diversity of critical approaches.

General Editor: Elisabeth Ladenson
Associate Editor: Seth Kimmel
Associate Editor: Pier Mattia Tommasino
Managing Editor: Heidi Holst-Knudsen
Editorial Assistant: Benita Dace

Editorial Board

Teodolinda Barolini, Karen Benezra, Bruno Bosteels, Antoine Compagnon, Jonathan Crary, Souleymane Bachir Diagne, Madeleine Dobie, Thomas Dodman, Kathy Eden, Pierre Force, Aubrey Gabel, Graciela Montaldo, Emmanuelle Saada, Joanna Stalnaker, Hannah Weaver, Caroline Weber, Gareth Williams, Eliza Zingesser

Advisory Board

Jean-Baptiste Amadieu (CNRS-ENS), Roberto Antonelli (Sapienza, Rome), Matei Chihaia (Wuppertal), Andrew Counter (Oxford), Noah Guynn (UC Davis), Ivan Jablonka (Paris XIII), Jean-Louis Jeannelle (Rouen), Ann Jefferson (Oxford), John D. Lyons (Virginia), Marielle Macé (CNRS), William Marx (Collège de France), Lola Badia Pàmies (Barcelona), Thomas Pavel (Chicago), Paolo Pellegrini (Verona), Lino Pertile (Harvard), Gilles Philippe (Lausanne), Julia Prest (St Andrews), Elena Russo (Johns Hopkins), Maurice Samuels (Yale), Anne Simon (CNRS/EHESS), H. Wayne Storey (Indiana), Richard Trachsler (Zurich), Anita Traninger (Berlin), Éric Trudel (Bard), Kate Tunstall (Oxford), Oumelbanine Nina Zhiri (San Diego), Nicholas White (Cambridge)


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